Arry Chronicles: Book One

The Key to Cooperation!

Scene Opens:

It was early morning in the Arry household at Banyalla Place, at the end of Arry Lane in downtown Arryville.

Mr Arry had left early for work that morning, cautioning his tribe of daughters as he left.

“Go outside and play together, and can you please try to get along today!” Mr Arry had pleaded.

Harry, Larry and Barry rushed out to the backyard in their pajamas, falling over themselves in their rush to be first.

On his way to the office he thought about his girls! He had nicknamed them :

Harry (Harry Helpful NOT – his high hopes for his eldest to lead the way)

Larry (Literal Larry, for whom everything was either black or white)

Barry (Big Bad Barry, who was always angry, woke up angry and spent the day being angry.)

The Story:

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