About the Writer

What do I want to reveal about me?

Do I really want to tell you about my leaning towards alternative beliefs? Would you be surprised to know that there are two personas for my Gemini soul? Am I ready to share my love of the Runes and their teachings? Would you like to know more about my passion for genealogy and all things Celtic?

On the other hand would you be more interested in my Poetry, or my Faery Stories? Perhaps you would be more interested in my ancestry, and where I came from? What about my emigration from UK and life growing up in suburban Australia?

What I can reveal to you is that there are many facets to this writer and you may like to connect with me through my email.

The rest is my professional biography!

2016 avatar for Coach Carole
Carole is currently focussed on Creative Writing from her desk in her home office.

Carole is a volunteer moderator for the Australia e-Series and team leader for the OZeLIVE web conferences and is committed to providing free and accessible online training opportunities for educators.

Carole is currently a volunteer Area Director for Toastmasters International in her North East Victorian area of District 73 and is passionate about providing free and accessible online training opportunities for Toastmasters.

Carole is now retired from E-learning for Educators and is focussing on
E-learning for Toastmasters!

Contact Carole on Facebook

sunset over kiewa valleyCarole enjoys her ‘Deja Views’ property  in Australia – especially the sunsets!




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